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Tiny polar bear


Tiny polar bear-1


A great winter decoration and pal for little ones.


1. Gather your material. You will need a white ankle sock (turned inside out), six white hair ties, fabric scraps, two black buttons, white glue and/or hot glue, two blue sequins, one blue decorative stone, tiny rocks, one roll of white crepe paper, and scissors.


Tiny polar bear-2


2. Cut pieces of crepe paper and crumple them into balls.


 Tiny polar bear-3


3. Stuff a few balls of crepe paper in the tip of the sock. Use two hair ties to pinch two small sections to create polar bear ears. Add one more hair tie to form the polar bear's head.


 Tiny polar bear-4


4. Use two more hair ties to create polar bear paws.


 Tiny polar bear-5


5. Fill the polar bear's stomach with additional crepe paper balls. Once the sock is almost completely full, deposit a few tiny rocks inside. These rocks will help the polar bear stand up. Use the last hair tie to completely close off the sock.


 Tiny polar bear-5


6. Cut a small rectangle out of a fabric scrap to represent a scarf. Use the scissors to cut slits in both ends of the scarf. Tie the scarf around the polar bear's neck.


 Tiny polar bear-6


7. Glue the two black buttons, blue sequins, and blue stone on the polar bear's face to represent his eyes and nose to complete your adorable pal!


Tiny polar bear-7


Patricia-Ann Morisson

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