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Cork heart

Cork heart-1


With Valentine's Day just around the corner, complete this cute and simple craft with your group!

1. Gather your material. You will need several corks, a red pipe cleaner, pink, red, and white feathers, ribbon, waxed paper, white paper, glue, scissors, and a crayon or marker.


Cork heart-2


2. Arrange the corks on the white paper, forming a heart shape.


Cork heart-3


3. Use your crayon or marker to trace the outline of the heart shape.


Cork heart-4


4. Set a piece of waxed paper over the heart shape and staple (or glue) it to the top of the white paper to secure it in place.


Cork heart-5


5. Apply white glue along one side of each cork and stick them on the hear shape, pressing them together.


Cork heart-6


6. Set aside until the glue is completely dry. Delicately separate the cork heart from the waxed paper.


Cork heart-7


7. Use the pipe cleaner to form a hook as shown.


Cork heart-8


8. Glue the hook to the top of your heart. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to be wrapped around the heart.


Cork heart-9


9. Apply a few dots of glue along the outside of the heart and press the ribbon on them.


Cork heart-10


10. Add a few feathers to the top of the heart and hang it. This heart also makes a great gift.


Cork heart-11


Happy Valentine's Day!



Patricia-Ann Morisson

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