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Send me roses please!

It's a tradition: I almost always receive roses on Valentine's Day. I love the smell of roses! My husband knows how much I love these magnificent flowers. Plus, Valentine's Day is extra special for us since it's also our wedding anniversary.


If you would like to send roses to a special person, read on to learn about the language of roses.


Before buying roses, you must know that each rose color is associated with different significances:

  • Red roses represent passion, respect, and courage.
  • Pink roses represent happiness, kindness, tenderness, and romance.
  • Orange roses represent desire and enthusiasm.
  • White roses represent pure love and innocence.
  • Yellow roses represent jealousy and pride.
  • Purple or black roses represent fatal attraction.

Here are a few tricks to keep a bouquet of roses looking as magnificent as the first day


When you receive a bouquet of roses, you must:

  • Cut the stems diagonally, a few centimetres from the bottom to help them absorb water efficiently.
  • Change the water in the vase every day. It is best to use lukewarm water.
  • Remove any leaves that are present along the part of the stem that is in the water.
  • Keep stems relatively long for better water absorption.

A simple homemade recipe that will keep your bouquet healthy for a longer period of time :


Mix the following: 50% 7-Up, 50% water, and a few drops of bleach.


How to introduce children to roses
If possible, I encourage you to visit your local florist.


In your reading corner
Add books about roses to your book collection. Use them to show children how there are many different types and colors of roses. Use roses to gently massage children and tickle the tip of their nose.


Early science
Purchase roses in several different colors. Encourage children to smell the roses. Observe the different parts of a rose with your group. Deposit a white rose in a drinking glass filled with a mixture of water and food coloring. Observe the changes that will occur hourly. Children will be impressed to see the rose change color. Help children notice how the roses slowly dry out from one day to the next, throughout the week.


Role play
Add plastic roses to your role play area. Children will have fun preparing beautiful bouquets and surprising their friends.


Purchase roses that weren't treated with toxic chemicals or products. Let children taste rose petals.


Arts & crafts

  • Make your own roses using modeling dough in a variety of colors.
  • Set rose petals out to dry and use them to make a special gift for Valentine's Day (bookmark, frame, etc.).
  • Deposit a vase in the centre of a table and fill it with roses. Encourage children to reproduce the bouquet using paint.

Fun & games
Attach a plastic rose to each child's waist. When you give the signal, children must try to steal as many roses as possible.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Claudine Richard
Early childhood educator is not responsible for the content of this article. The information mentioned in this article is the responsibility of the author. shall not be held responsible for any litigation or issues resulting from this article.



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