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Giant toothbrush


Giant toothbrush-1


Children will enjoy manipulating this oversized toothbrush.


1. Gather your material. You will need a long white crepe paper streamer, a Popsicle stick, glitter glue, an empty box of matches, a strip of glittery foam, scissors, white glue and/or hot glue, and a piece of yarn (optional).


Giant toothbrush-2


2. Wrap the crepe paper streamer around the empty box of matches several times as shown, adding drops of glue here and there to hold it in place. Line the bottom edge of the steamer up with the bottom edge of the box (placed horizontally). The top part of the steamer will not touch the top edge of the box.


Giant toothbrush-3


3. Cut the top part of the streamer by making several small incisions in all the layers. With your finger, gently scratch the layers of paper to create volume and represent toothbrush bristles.


Giant toothbrush-4


4. Stick the strip of glittery foam on both sides of the Popsicle stick, leaving approximately one inch uncovered.


 Giant toothbrush-5


5. Insert the uncovered tip of the Popsicle stick in the box, pressing gently to pierce through all the layers of crepe paper.


Giant toothbrush-6


6. Use the glitter glue to represent toothpaste. Apply it to the top of the toothbrush. Let dry.


Giant toothbrush-7


7. If you wish, you can use yarn to hang your toothbrush from the ceiling to decorate your daycare for a dental health or dentist theme.


Giant toothbrush-8


Patricia-Ann Morisson

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