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Yellow tulip

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Add color to your springtime décor with this simple craft.

1. Gather your material. You will need 2 pieces of white cardboard, green Fun Foam, a yellow pipe cleaner, green ribbon, white glue, scissors, yarn, small yellow adhesive squares, a paintbrush, and yellow poster paint.


 Yellow tulip-2

2. Arrange both pieces of white cardboard one on top of the other and cut a tulip shape as shown.


 Yellow tulip-3


3. Paint both sides of each tulip shape yellow. Set aside to dry.


 Yellow tulip-4


4. Cut the yellow pipe cleaner in two and glue each piece (stamens) near the top of one of the tulip shapes so they stick out. Cut a long piece of green ribbon and glue it close to the bottom of the tulip to represent the stem.


Yellow tulip-5


5. Glue the second tulip shape on top of the first one. Decorate the tulip by sticking tiny adhesive squares on both sides.


Yellow tulip-6


6. Cut two leaves out of the green Fun Foam.


 Yellow tulip-7


7. Glue the leaves to the stem (one on top of the stem and one under the stem).


 Yellow tulip-8


8. Knot the yarn around the stamens so you can hang your tulip.


Yellow tulip-9


Patricia-Ann Morisson



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