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Unique Father's Day Card

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An original way for children to wish "Happy Father's Day".

1. Gather your material. You will need a piece of black felt, scraps of blue Fun Foam, scraps of silver Fun Foam, green Fun Foam, a green marker, a black marker, scissors, a picture of the child, and white glue and/or hot glue.

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2. Cut a square out of the black felt.


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3. Fold the bottom part of the square up (almost to the top) and glue the upper corners and sides, creating a pocket for your pretend money.



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4. Cut two smaller squares and two small rectangles out of the black felt. Each square and each rectangle must fit on half of the wallet (left side or right side).


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5. Glue one square on the left side of the wallet. Glue the other square on the right side of the wallet. Apply glue only along the bottom and sides of each square.


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6. Glue one rectangle on the bottom of each square, once again applying glue only along the sides and bottom.


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7. Cut a rectangle out of the green Fun Foam. Using the green marker, draw dollars signs in each of the four corners. Write "Happy Father's Day" along the top of the dollar bill. Write "Dad" in the centre of the dollar bill.


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8. Slide the child's picture in one of the tiny pockets and the dollar bill in the large slit, at the top of the wallet. Cut a small square out of the blue and silver Fun Foam. Write "Debit" on one square and "Credit" on the other. Add them to your wallet.


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9. Children can fold the wallet to present it to their father. This wallet can replace a traditional Father's Day card.


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Patricia-Ann Morisson

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