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My snail 

My snail-1

A tiny craft that is oh so cute!


1. Gather your material. You will need yellow and black poster paint, yellow glitter, a hole-punch, a sponge paintbrush, a brown balloon, a cotton swab (not shown), a stapler, an empty toilet paper roll, a black marker, and scissors.


My snail-2


2. Cut the toilet paper roll into three sections. Cut an opening in each section as shown.


My snail-3


3. Staple or glue the first section to create a small circle. Staple or glue the second section around the circle.


My snail-4


4. Staple or glue one end of the third section as shown, opening it as much as possible to complete your snail's shell.


My snail-5


5. Use the hole-punch to make a hole at the tip of the section that is pointing away from the shell.


My snail-5


6. Paint your snail all over using the yellow poster paint.


My snail-7


7. Sprinkle glitter all over the snail and set it aside to dry.


My snail-8


8. Inflate the brown balloon, but only a little. Tie a knot. The balloon will represent your snail's head.


My snail-9


9. Push the knotted end of the balloon inside the hole. Paint the cotton swab with black paint and set it aside until the paint is completely dry. Cut the cotton swab in two and glue both pieces behind the snail's head to represent antennae. Finally, use the black marker to draw eyes and a nose.


My snail-10


Patricia-Ann Morisson

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