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How to make a homemade fishing game and make maximum use of it

Here, I would like to share one of my favorite games with you. Children ask for it over and over again, it's very simple to make, costs nearly nothing at all, and can be used in a variety of different ways.


What you will need:


A stick, string, a magnet, different colors of construction paper, and metal paperclips


How to make your homemade fishing game:


To make your fishing rod, simply tie the string to the stick and attach the magnet to the other end of the string. Cut fish shapes out of the construction paper. Slide a paperclip on the end of each fish. For extra fun, I suggest building aquariums of different colors and using fish of the corresponding colors. You may also cut different sizes of fish.


How to use the game:

  • To encourage children to use the pronoun "I", you can, for example, ask them to say, "I am fishing a red fish."
  • To help children learn to recognize colors, invite them to associate each fish they catch to the aquarium of the corresponding color. As they progress, encourage them to name the colors too.
  • To work on numbers with your group, ask children to catch a certain number of fish at every turn. Have them count the fish.
  • To add to children's vocabulary, stick pictures of various items on the fish and ask children to name them.
  • To work on the concept of big/small, have children sort the fish according to their size.
  • To develop children's listening comprehension, give them various instructions. You can, for example, ask them to catch a red fish, a small fish, or three fish. Be sure to explore color, number, and size concepts.

As you can see, a simple, inexpensive game can lead to several different activities.


Maude Dubé
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