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Miniature sandbox

Miniature sandbox-1

A sandbox that figurines can play in all summer long.

1. Gather your material. You will need the bottom of a cardboard box or tray, a piece of sandpaper, colourful Fun Foam, felt, a pipe cleaner, scissors, a small plastic dosing cup, white glue and/or hot glue, and ribbon.


Miniature sandbox-2


2. Glue the ribbon along the inner and outer edges of the box as shown. Cut the sandpaper so it fits inside the box and glue it in place.


Miniature sandbox-3


3. Cut four triangles out of a piece of Fun Foam and glue them in each corner of your miniature sandbox as shown to represent benches.


Miniature sandbox-4


4. Cut a rectangular piece of felt so it has the same height as the dosing cup.


 Miniature sandbox-5


5. Cut a pipe cleaner piece and glue it on either side of the dosing cup to represent a handle for what will become a bucket.


Miniature sandbox-6


6. Wrap the felt around the dosing cup and glue it in place.


Miniature sandbox-7


7. Cut a small shape representing the tip of a shovel out of another piece of Fun Foam. Attach a small pipe cleaner piece to it to form a handle.


Miniature sandbox-8


8. With the remaining pipe cleaner piece, form a small rake.


Miniature sandbox-9


9. Position your miniature sand toys inside the sandbox and it's ready to welcome its first visitors (figurines)!


Miniature sandbox-10


Patricia-Ann Morrison



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