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A picnic with little ones

At times, meal planning and meal preparation can seem infernal and monotonous. Wondering what to serve for dinner when the children are already hungry and restless can feel overwhelming. During summer months, a picnic just may be the perfect solution! Children love picnics! They are associated with a sense of freedom; children are allowed to pick and choose among the food that is available. This is great for preserving their self-esteem.


Another advantage of picnics is that there is little or no cleanup required. No need to worry about spills!


Furthermore, food preparation for a picnic is very limited. All you need are a few salads, sandwiches and veggies and everyone will be happy.


Here are a few things to keep in mind before heading out for a picnic with little ones:

  • Tell children where you are going for your picnic and inform them of any rules that must be respected. What's more, establish consequences in case these rules are not respected and enforce them if necessary. This will preserve your credibility for future outings.

  • If you are planning on walking to your picnic site, keep in mind that children are always hungrier after being physically active. They may also be able to remain seated for a longer period of time if they are given the opportunity to be active prior to eating.

  • Bring all necessary material to avoid unforeseen problems: a few outdoor games, books, food, a blanket to sit on, a small first-aid kit, a change of clothes, a bag to collect garbage, sunscreen, insect repellant, etc.

  • When it is very hot, appropriate food conservation is very important to avoid contaminated food items. Place food items in a cooler and add ice or ice-packs, leave your cooler in a shaded area, return any unused food items to the cooler as quickly as possible, set food items that are most susceptible to contamination in the bottom of the cooler, etc.

  • To ensure that everyone has fun, plan a few activities. Pack crayons, coloring books, and water games to help children cool off. Visit a park that has facilities, hunt for insects, take a nap under a tree, etc. A successful picnic doesn't have to be complicated!

Don't forget that it's the simple things that make children happy. Spending just an hour together, as a family, is enough to fill their heads with great memories!

Maude Dubé
Special education teacher is not responsible for the content of this article. The information mentioned in this article is the responsibility of the author. shall not be held responsible for any litigation or issues resulting from this article.



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