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Create a three-dimensional mural with your group.

To complete this project, you will need blue and green construction paper, yellow Fun Foam, a yellow pipe cleaner, two black pipe cleaners, brown yarn, scraps of brown construction paper or cardboard, a piece of burlap cloth, a hole-punch, scissors, and white or hot glue.




1. Cut a shape that resembles a grass-covered hill out of the green construction paper (placed horizontally) and glue it at the bottom of the blue construction paper as shown.





2. Cut the yellow pipe cleaner into seven pieces to represent a sun's rays. Cut a circle out of the yellow Fun Foam to represent a sun and glue the pipe cleaner pieces around it.





3. Glue the sun in one corner of the blue construction paper.





4. Cut two squares out of the brown construction paper or cardboard. Fold them to create two heavy rectangles. Use white glue to stick the upper and lower portion of each rectangle together. Use the hole-punch to make four holes in each rectangle, two on each side.





5. Cut four pieces of yarn and thread each one through two holes located on the same side of a swing seat. Knot both ends of each piece of yarn together, approximately an inch from the top.





6. Twist both black pipe cleaners together to obtain one long piece. Fold it to represent a metal support for swings. Cut the burlap cloth to represent sand under the swings. Glue it on your green hill. Next, glue the "metal" support in place using four dots of glue. The upper bar must not be glued to the paper so you can knot the upper end of the swing ropes around it to complete your project.



Patricia-Ann Morrison



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