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Fire-filled mural

Fire filled mural-1


Collect branches while outside with your group and use them to create a unique fire.

1. Gather your material. You will need red, orange, and yellow paint, aluminum pie plates or other containers you can pour paint in, a scrubbing brush, several branches, white glue and/or hot glue, scissors, and a large piece of white paper.


Fire filled mural-2


2. Pour red paint in an aluminum plate and dip the scrubbing brush in it. Make several impressions on the white paper to represent flames.


Fire filled mural-3


3. Pour orange poster paint in another aluminum plate and make orange impressions on top of and between the red flames.


Fire filled mural-4


4. Pour yellow paint in a third aluminum plate to add yellow flames to your mural. Be sure to name each color with the children in your group.


Fire filled mural-5


5. One by one, glue the branches at the bottom of your mural to represent logs. Add a few drops of glue to stick the branches together for extra solidity. Hang your mural on a wall. Children will love sitting in front of their unique campfire to sing songs, pretend to roast marshmallows, etc.


Fire filled mural-6


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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