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What to do in your yard during September

The weather is still nice and it's time to take care of many autumn tasks such as:

  • Cutting withering flowers from perennials.
  • Planting spring bulbs (tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, etc.).
  • Adding supports for perennials that have grown to be heavy.
  • Modifying the layout of your flowerbeds.
  • Generously watering coniferous trees (they need to store water for the cold winter months).
  • Trimming hedges. Avoid trimming those that flower in spring. If you must cut them, they will not flower.
  • Planting grass seed where necessary.

An interesting outing with children: Visit a local apple orchard.


Each year, I visit the same apple orchard with my group, Cassidy Orchards in Franklin, Quebec. There, you can go for a tractor ride through the orchard, enjoy a horseback ride, feed animals at the petting zoo, pick apples, have fun in the sand and various play structures, taste delicious muffins and, of apples!


The orchard owners' warm welcome is what makes it so special for children. The Swiss couple who moved to Quebec a few years ago absolutely adores little ones. This is an outing that children remember year after year!


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