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Upside down witch


Upside down witch-1

We can see only the legs and feet of this poor witch!


1. Gather your material. You will need a piece of green construction paper, two half pages of purple Fun Foam (I ended up not using the black Fun Foam), two orange sponges, two purple sponges, raffia, scissors, two gold buttons, and white glue and/or hot glue.



Upside down witch-2


2. Cut an irregular shape out of the green construction paper to represent a section of grass.



Upside down witch-3


3. Cut each sponge in half. Stack the square sponge pieces, alternating colors to create what will represent your witch's two legs (socks). Be sure to apply glue liberally between each of the sponge pieces.


Upside down witch-4


4. Fold each piece of purple Fun Foam in two and cut a witch's boot shape out of each one as shown. Note that the heel should remain uncut (both sides of the boot must remain connected).

Upside down witch-5


5. Glue each boot on either side of a witch leg, making sure the boots are pointing outwards as shown.


Upside down witch-6


6. Use the raffia to form two bows. Glue one bow and a gold button on the outer side of each leg to complete your witch's boots.


Upside down witch-8


7. Display your upside down witch on a windowsill to decorate your daycare for Halloween.


Patricia-Ann Morrison



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