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A walk in the woods

Take advantage of this time of the year to create memories for the children in your group, give them the opportunity to get up close and personal with nature, and possibly even the chance to enjoy a new experience. Nature is multifaceted and therefore packed with exploration possibilities that we must take advantage of. Going for a walk in the woods with young children is always pleasant, unless you live in a region that is known for its mosquito population. Young or old, a walk in the woods is always a good idea!


Whether you choose to go for a walk in a small forest behind your daycare or home or take advantage of a pedestrian path that's part of a nearby nature reserve, there are certain safety rules that must be respected.


First of all, plan and study your route. If you are going to the forest behind your daycare or home, you are most likely already familiar with the area. However, if you are considering a new route, be cautious and study a map before leaving.


Always inform someone before heading to the woods. Tell a friend or neighbour or write a note on your door. If you get lost or something happens, someone will know that you went for a walk in the woods and will therefore be able to find you.


If you are planning on being gone for a few hours, prepare a survival kit that can easily be carried. Your survival kit should contain a map, a flashlight, a water bottle, food, matches, warm clothing, a raincoat, an orange garbage bag (can be used for shelter or to keep dry), insect repellant, sunscreen, and bandages. The contents of your survival kit will come in handy if you get lost, but also if a child hurts himself, someone is thirsty, or if mosquitoes are present.


Always carry your cell phone, if you have one. Turn it off to fully enjoy the calm environment. At least you will have it if you get lost or if a child hurts himself.


Before leaving:

  • Check the weather.
  • Organize your survival kit.
  • Plan your excursion.

During your walk in the woods:

  • With the children in your group, collect rocks, leaves, and flowers that you can let dry out and use for crafts.

  • Take plenty of pictures so you can create a photo album for your group.

  • Prepare a picnic lunch and stop to eat along the way.

  • Be sure to have a stroller, carrier or other means to transport young children if they get tired or are unable to walk. If children are able to walk the whole way, a stroller can still be used to transport your survival kit, extra clothing items, your lunch, etc.

  • Have fun marking your path. A few days before your outing, paint rocks with the children in your group. Encourage children to deposit rocks along your route. They will enjoy collecting them on the way back.

  • Above anything else, be sure to have fun! Of course, you must guarantee everyone is safe at all times, but let children enjoy a little freedom whenever possible. Laugh, admire, and explore as much as you can. Children will appreciate discovering new things.

This simple outing is sure to create wonderful memories for the children in your group.

Maude Dubé

Specialized child educator is not responsible for the content of this article. The information mentioned in this article is the responsibility of the author. shall not be held responsible for any litigation or issues resulting from this article.


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