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Do you know how to plant bulbs?

We all love to watch flowers shoot out of the ground when spring arrives after a long winter. They are the first confirmation that nice weather is on its way. Wouldn't it be great if spring could be present in your daycare all year? Read on to find out how perpetual spring can be possible.

You will need:

  • Pots that allow water to drain
  • Potting soil
  • Tiny rocks or pebbles that can be placed in the bottom of the pots to promote drainage
  • Bulbs, different varieties (easy to find at your local nursery)

Planting bulbs
Have children deposit a thin layer of tiny rocks or pebbles in the bottom of each pot before adding potting soil on top. They can press a bulb in the soil, making sure the pointy tip is placed upwards. When they are done, they can cover the bulb with more potting soil. Read package instructions to know how deep the bulbs must be planted and how much space must be left between the bulbs if you are planting several in the same pot. Set the pots in a refrigerator for 10 weeks, watering them weekly. At the end of the 10-week period, take the pots out of the refrigerator and place them in a well-lit room (with no direct sunlight) for a week or two before finally setting them on a sunny windowsill to watch them flourish.


There you have it. That is how spring can be welcomed into your daycare year-round. Children will enjoy adding their own personal touches to the flower pots and decorating them with a variety of recycled items. Send us pictures!


A piece of advice
Plant a few bulbs every week so that there will always be some that are ready to flourish. Keep in mind that any unused bulbs must be stored in a dry area.


A great present for parents: a water hyacinth
Visit your local nursery to find vases that are designed for hyacinths and their bulbs. They are usually inexpensive. You can even purchase these vases at the dollar store. Fill the bottom of each vase with water. Deposit a bulb in the upper section of the vases. The water mustn't touch the bulbs. Check the water level regularly. Set the vases on a windowsill.


Learning fun
There are so many simple ways to explore bulbs with children:

  • Use books about spring flowers to present different kinds of flowers and bulbs to your group.
  • Pretend you are gardeners who are planting bulbs so you will have pretty flowers when spring arrives.
  • Set different types of bulbs on a table and invite children to form pairs.
  • Trace the contour of different types of bulbs on paper. Write the name of the corresponding flower next to each one.
  • Hide bulbs in a rice bin. Encourage children to try to find all of them as quickly as possible. Time them to see who finds them the fastest.
  • Cut a bulb in half and observe its insides.
  • Treat the squirrels. They love eating bulbs! (Trust me, they've eaten so many bulbs that I have planted in my yard!)

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