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Shiny miniature gift

Shiny miniature gift-1



A gift that can be hung in your Christmas tree!


1. Gather your material. You will need a silver scouring pad, green ribbon, red ribbon, a red gift bow, scissors, and glue.


Shiny miniature gift-2



2. Cut two strips of green ribbon.


Shiny miniature gift-3



3. Glue them on the scouring pad as shown, forming a cross. Stick the red gift bow in the centre, on top of the ribbon.


Shiny miniature gift-4



4. Cut a small piece of red ribbon. Glue the ends behind the scouring pad to create a loop that can be used to hang the miniature gift on a Christmas tree branch.


Shiny miniature gift-5



5. This simple craft will add a touch of shine to your Christmas décor.


Shiny miniature gift-6


Patricia-Ann Morrison



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