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Personalized comic strip

Personalized comic strip-1


A souvenir that will make people giggle.


1. Gather your material. You will need three pictures, nine tiny white pompoms, construction paper, white Fun Foam, a permanent marker, white glue, and scissors.


Personalized comic strip-2


2. Cut the pictures into squares.


Personalized comic strip-3


3. Cut comic strip balloon shapes out of the white Fun Foam as shown.


Personalized comic strip-4


4. Use the permanent marker to write a brief text in each balloon. Associate one balloon to each picture.


Personalized comic strip-5


5. Glue the pictures on the construction paper to create your personalized comic strip. Glue the balloons containing text next to the pictures.


Personalized comic strip-6


6. Glue three white pompoms to link each balloon to the corresponding picture to represent "thought bubbles". Add each child's comic strip to his/her scrapbook.


Personalized comic strip-7

Patricia-Ann Morrison


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