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Winter scene

Winter scene-1


Children can control how much snow they see in their window...

1. Gather your material. You will need brown and white construction paper, a Ziploc bag, a hole-punch shaped like a snowflake, silver glitter, sugar, scissors, and white glue (not shown).


Winter scene-2

2. Cut a piece of white construction paper so it's the same width as the Ziploc bag.


Winter scene-3

3. Cut the white construction paper to make it look like a snowy hill as shown. Slide your snowy décor inside the Ziploc bag.


Winter scene-4

4. Cut two pieces of brown construction paper so they are the same width as the Ziploc bag. Cut four rectangles out of each one to represent window panes.


Winter scene-5

5. Use the hole-punch to cut several snowflakes out of white construction paper.


Winter scene-6

6. Glue the brown construction paper window panes on either side of the Ziploc bag.


Winter scene-7


7. Glue a few snowflakes on the front of your Ziploc bag/window.


Winter scene-8


8. Pour a small quantity of sugar (approximately ¼ cup) inside the Ziploc bag along with the remaining snowflakes and the glitter. Seal the bag. Children will enjoy shaking the bag to make the snow move around and change their winter scene over and over again.


Winter scene-9


Patricia-Ann Morrison



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