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Clothespin heart

Clothespin heart-1


This tiny heart can be added to a drinking glass, a card, and so much more!


1. Gather your material. You will need pink tissue paper, a miniature heart-shaped aluminum cake mould, a small clothespin, shiny pink Fun Foam, scissors, white glue, and tiny red, white, and pink buttons.


Clothespin heart-2


2. Trace the cake mould on the Fun Foam and cut out the heart shape.


Clothespin heart-3

3. Glue the foam heart inside the cake mould. Glue the buttons on the heart.


Clothespin heart-4


4. Crumple several tiny balls of pink tissue paper.


Clothespin heart-5


5. Glue the crumpled pieces of tissue paper around the edge of the cake mould.


Clothespin heart-6


6. Glue the clothespin under the cake mould as shown.


Clothespin heart-7

7. Use the clothespin to secure the heart on a drinking glass or another object to decorate it for Valentine's Day.


Clothespin heart-8


Patricia-Ann Morrison



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