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Luxurious crown

Luxurious crown-1


Children will proudly wear their crown.

1. Gather your material. You will need cardboard (empty cereal box), wide red velvet ribbon, tabs from pop cans, cotton balls, sequins, white glue and/or hot glue, and scissors.


Luxurious crown-2


2. Measure each child's head with the ribbon and cut the right length. Glue the ribbon on the cardboard (open cereal box) to make it stronger and cut out the strip of cardboard with the ribbon on top.


Luxurious crown-3


3. Glue tabs along the top edge of the ribbon as shown. If you have more than one color, create a pattern (I used two red tabs, one silver tab, two red tabs, one silver tab and so on). Continue the pattern until you reach the end of the ribbon.


Luxurious crown-4

4. Glue cotton balls along the bottom edge of the ribbon to represent white fur and add sequins here and there.


Luxurious crown-5


5. Glue both extremities of the ribbon together to complete the crown. For this step, the use of hot glue is recommended.


Luxurious crown-6


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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